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Tap on the images below for an example of what has been added to each image to make them what they are starting with the most affordable.

Base Image using the sun as my only light source.

Add-ons: None

Here is an example of a base image. This photo has no artificial light, or major photoshop trickery. It is as bare bones as it gets. What separates my bottom dollar image from others is my unique perspective and use of high end camera equipment to achieve magazine worthy results, every time! Minor tidying up of the vehicle and background can make a huge impact on a shot as simple as this. All of that, at no additional charge to you!

Base Image with a touch of light

Add-ons: Detail Lighting

A little light can make all the difference for some vehicles, especially during the day! On custom wheels, and/or carbon fiber. this is often the case. Combined with my post processing, the simple addition of partial lighting can help show off those details!

Virtual Motion, but why?

Add-ons: Virtual Motion

There is a solid explanation why virtual motion gives better results than a car to car rolling shot. In a work the answer is Control. I can make sure every aspect of the image is exactly how I want it. from the color to the right light, every little bit matters. Not to mention, the ability to add light if need be.

A pop of light

Add-ons: Virtual Motion, Detail Lighting, Special FX, Background Editing

As with any image, a little light can make all the difference. On this image I use artificial lighting to bring out the details in the shadows and highlighting the wheels, giving the vehicle more depth. These results are simply not possible with traditional car to car rolling shots.

All the bells and whistles

Add-ons: Special FX, Full Scene Swap, Full Lighting, Virtual Motion, Background Editing

When epic is your end game, this is the best opition. Full lighting, complete background swap, actual fire and smoke, with virtual motion. This is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it! This is the most challenging image to capture and it shows!

Artificial lighting and a change of scenery

Add-ons: Full Lighting, Partial Scene Swap, Background Editing, Special FX

Sometimes the cards are not in our favor. As a photographer, it is my job to make things right. On this image, I changed the background and used artificial lighting to highlight the paint, wheels, and grille. It don’t seem like much but the before image tells a different story. The more add-ons you choose, the more control over the image I have.

When you just want that simple look

Add-ons: Full Lighting, Full Scene Swap, Background Editing

Every once in a while less = more. Remove all distractions and just get an image that focuses 100% on the vehicle. Dramatic lighting and high attention to detail. Anytime, anywhere, I can make it possible. Let me create this a work of art for you with an artificial studio.

Have a location in mind and want to incorporate it?

Add-ons: Full Lighting, Background Editing, Special FX

When the location is right all that is needed is a creative eye and a little lighting to make the vehicle pop. Show off your vehicle in all its glory with out sacrificing the bland look you are used to seeing. A little light goes a long way!

It all starts with an idea…

Add-ons: Full Lighting, Full Scene Swap, Background Editing

Bringing images to life is the name of the game. If you can dream it, I can make it happen. Finding a location where the view is perfect is not as easy as it sounds. Too much traffic or an obstructed view can spoil a shoot. There is no need to take that gamble and settle for a distant view. You decide, I deliver!

When time is anything but ideal

Add-ons: Full Lighting, Partial Scene Swap, Background Editing, Special FX

A partial scene swap don’t always have to be subtle. While still incorporating the key features of your location I can bring the image to life in more ways than one. There is a series of 3 images here that show just how drastic an image can be manipulated. I took this image from a boring marina to an exotic location in the desert and all the way to the edge of the city. You won’t get views like this any other way!

size does matter

Add-ons: XL Vehicle Base, XL Vehicle Lighting, Partial Scene Swap, Virtual Motion

Larger vehicles are more work. From lighting to post processing it is a tedious job. Proper lighting is simply not possible with a typical car to car rolling shot. As you can see in the before image, the details are washed out with reflections.

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